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BAR Kiraware Yasai add
The anime adapts artist Daisuke Kimura's four-panel manga of the same name, the story centers on vegetables that children hate, everyone hesitates to eat, and are smelly. The series follows these vege... read more.
Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru add
Sequel of Omae Umasou Da Na. This movie is a Japanese-Korean co-production. Released in Korea under the name Gonyeoseog Masnagessda 2: Hamkkelaseo Haengboghae.
Channel 5.5 4th Season Prologue add
Prologue episode of Channel 5.5 4th Season.
Channel 5.5 3rd Season Prologue add
Prologue episode of Channel 5.5 3rd Season.
Channel 5.5 Prologue: Shin Bangumi Start! add
Prologue episode of Channel 5.5.
Fo Jiao Dong Hua: Da Shi Zhi Pu Sa Nian Fo Yuan Tong Zhang add
Short Chinese animation about Buddha.
Tetopettenson add
A cover by Jun Inoue for the Henri Dès's song "Le Beau Tambour" that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Meiji Tokyo Renka: Gengetsu no Sayokyoku add
On an evening lit by a crimson full moon, an ordinary high school girl named Mei Ayazuki meets a self-proclaimed magician named Charlie at a festival. Through Charlie's magic, she time-travels to the ... read more.
Ushio to Tora (TV) add
Ushio thinks that his father's talk of an ancient ancestor impaling a demon on a temple altar stone with the legendary Beast Spear is nuts, but when he finds the monster in his own basement, Ushio has... read more.
Girls und Panzer Heartful Tank Disc: Fushou - Akiyama Yukari no Sensha Kouza add
Girls und Panzer specials with Yukari Akiyama included on the "Heartful Tank Disc".
Boku no Yayoi-san add
It has been 5 years since Hiro's older brother passed away, and during those years, he has been living with his brother's widow, Yayoi. Fast forward to the present, Hiro's feelings for Yayoi is bright... read more.
Nekoronde Mite ne. add
Poo, Raa, and Sue promote various things. Episode 1 for example promotes Lupin III TV special and Meitantei Conan's film while episode 3 promotes the Music Dragon LIVE 2013 event.
AKB48 Stage Fighter add
Commercial for AKB48 Stage Fighter mobile phone game.
Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan add
Nakagawa owns 10 cats in real life, and she adores one in particular named Mamitasu, the anime's namesake. The anime depicts the slapstick comedy of the idiosyncratic 10 cats and the folks in the unus... read more.
Nekoronde TV. add
Short stories about cats Poo, Raa, and Sue.
Akuei to Gacchinpo: Tenkomori add
A sequel of Akuei to Gacchinpo series.
Akuei to Gacchinpo The Movie: Chelsea no Gyakushuu/Akuei to Mahou no Hammer add
A double release featuring two Akuei movies; Counterattack of Chelsea and Akuei and His Magic Hammer.
Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo: Hamachou, Voice & Fiction add
A recap of the last few episodes with some commentary by Jacqueline, as well as Ryoko, and Izumida.
Akuei to Gacchinpo add
Surreal gag-packed story about curious kid and his companions.
47 Todoufuken Specials add
A two-part TV special focusing on the romance between the dogs.
Moshidora Recap add
Recap episode of Moshidora that aired between the rebroadcasts of the series.
Mochi Mochi no Ki add
An adaptation of a popular children's story by Okamoto Tadanari using a traditional storytelling style of narration.
Panpaka Pantsu Movie: Bananan Oukoku no Hihou add
Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 4 add
The final movie of a four-part finale of Tamayura.
Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 3 add
The third movie of a four-part finale of Tamayura.
Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 2 - Hibiki add
The second movie of a four-part finale of Tamayura.
Onnanoko tte. add
The March issue of Shueisha's Ribon magazine announced that a television anime of Kanahei's shoujo manga Onnanoko tte. (About Girls) has been green-lit. The shorts will premiere in February and run ev... read more.
Channel 5.5 3rd Season add
Following their run of comedy shorts with Sumire Uesaka as Ghost in the Shell: Arise's Motoko Kusanagi, Project Channel 5.5, energy supplement Calorie Mate and Eagle Talon's Frogman will next been sp... read more.
Channel 5.5 2nd Season add
Anime Project Channel 5.5, energy supplement Calorie Mate and Eagle Talon's Frogman have teamed up to present a spoof of the new Ghost in the Shell: Arise series. Though Maaya Sakamoto voices the f... read more.
Channel 5.5 add
Channel 5.5's first series of spoofs parodies Kindaichi Case Files. (Source: Crunchyroll)
Channel 5.5 4th Season add
After "ruining" Ghost in the Shell and Nodame Cantabile, the writer/director/Flash animator Frogman's Calorie Mate sponsored Channel 5.5 parodies its next target, Riyoko Ikeda's influential ... read more.
Ikiteirutte Subarashii! add
A Toei film directed by Yabuki Kimio.
Yumemi Douji add
An early Toei film directed by Fukiya Kouji.
3Ping Lovers!☆Ippu Nisai no Sekai e Youkoso♪ The Animation add
Based on the adult novel by Hadashi Shoujo and Ori.
Namaiki: Kissuisou e Youkoso! - The Animation add
Satoshi Ashifuji is a working student attending university under a scholarship. Somehow, he ends up with the custody of the dormitory Kissuisou, but its residents are all women with big problems! Fu... read more.
Honoo no Haramase Paidol My★Star Gakuen Z The Animation add
Based on the adult novel by Minami Ebinuma and Squeez.
Overlord add
The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down one day; however, the protagonist Momonga decides to not log out. Momonga is then transformed into the image of a skel... read more.
The iDOLM@STER Million Live! 1st Anniversary PV add
Promotional video commemorating the 1st anniversary of The iDOLM@STER Million Live social game.
Urameshi Denwa add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Tabi wa Michizure Yo wa Nasake add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Sakura Yori Ai wo Nosete add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Risu no Panache add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Oshizuka ni add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Onigakure Yama no Soba no Hana add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Chikara Bashi add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Chiisa na Itsutsu no Ohanashi add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Are wa Dare? add
A short film by Okamoto Tadanari.
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? 2 add
Second season of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka?
Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai add
16 years after the "Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising" banned coarse language in the country, Tanukichi Okuma enrolls in the country's leading elite public morals scho... read more.
Jitsu wa Watashi wa add
Meet Kuromine Asahi, "the man who can't lie." On the way home, he learns an important secret. His crush, Shiragami Youko, is actually a vampire! Can Asahi actually keep her secret? It'... read more.
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