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Ketsuekigata-kun! 3 add
Third season of the Ketsuekigata-kun! series.
Sansha Sanyou add
Futaba Odagiri is the new transfer student with a super energetic personality; Teru Hayama is the class president with a surprisingly mean personality contrary to her innocent looks; and Youko Nishika... read more.
Ano Hi, Bokura wa Senjou de: Shounenhei no Kokuhaku add
Neko no Dayan: Nihon e Iku add
Second season of Dayan the Cat. The titular character and his friends energetically explore Japan. (Source: LiveChart)
Gangsta. Recap add
Recap of episodes 1-9 of Gangsta.
Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3 add
Third season of Miss Monochrome: The Animation.
Prince of Stride: Alternative add
The series is about an extreme form of sport known as "Stride." It involves 6 players on a team that runs relay races in towns. The story takes place at Honan Academy where first year high s... read more.
Doushitemo Eto ni Hairitai add
Charlotte Special add
Extra episode bundled with the seventh Charlotte Blu-ray and DVD volume.
Durarara!!x2 Ten: Onoroke Chakapoko add
Extra episode bundled with the sixth Durarara!!x2 Ten Blu-ray and DVD volume. This special will be previewed at screenings in several theaters on November 14, 2015. It will be released with the six... read more.
Yurumates 3D Plus: Natsuyasumi Maison du Wish Report add
An original anime DVD bundled with a limited edition of saxyun's 4th Yurumates manga volume. The bundled DVD contained the opening animation sequence for the television anime series and its first epis... read more.
Peeping Life TV: Season 1?? add
This "slow-life anime" is part of the datsuryoku-kei (ennui-style) genre of comedy that depicts the minutiae of everyday life. The series observes the daily lives of Heroes from the worlds o... read more.
Ryouma 30 Seconds add
Sekkou Boys add
Miki Ishimoto, a recent college graduate, is so excited to have landed her first job! Although she's inexperienced, she's to be the manager for a new boy band. Miki thinks life couldn't... read more.
Kyoufu! Zombie Neko add
The series of "warm and soothing" anime shorts will follow a cat who is suddenly resurrected from the grave and begins to wander around town. Despite being a zombie, the cat is able to get a... read more.
Shingeki no Bahamut: Manaria Friends add
Mobile game developer Cygames has opened an official website for a TV anime titled Shingeki no Bahamut: Manaria Friends, scheduled for 2016. It is an adaptation of a popular event, Manaria Mahou Gakui... read more.
Larva add
Daily live of two larvae.
Classroom☆Crisis Special add
Unaired episode included with the third Blu-ray and DVD volume.
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete: Ushinawareta Natsuyasumi wo Motomete add
Thirteenth episode delivered as a bonus Blu-ray disc to customers who pre-order all six Blu-ray volumes.
Anitore! EX add
"Move your soul and body!" Each episode contains a variety of routines, such as push-ups, sit-ups, spine twists, dance, yoga, stretches, trunk training, and taichi. Five girls aiming to beco... read more.
Honoo no Haramase Motto! Hatsuiku! Karada Sokutei 2 add
Kazama is a lewd, stupid but a good young man who loves fighting. He is suddenly entrusted with the public health doctor, on behalf of the original fighting girls school, St. Versus Institute. Weapo... read more.
Ninja-tai Gatchaman ZIP! add
One-minute flash shorts based on Tatsunoko Production's classic science-fiction hero series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman aired during the NTV's Zip! television program on mornings. (Source: AniDB)
Aoki Seimei Hoken add
TV commercial of Aoki life insurance company.
Love & Gift add
A and B have never met each other, but there is a thread that ties them together. (Source: Official website)
Holiday add
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Guitar add
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Ichi-gan Kuni add
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Shinya Doubutsuen add
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Ari Ningen Monogatari add
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Kappa no Ude add
Short film by Hirano Ryou.
Go! Samurai add
Animated short by Keiichiro Kimura about a single samurai that fights for his life against 100 of his vicious enemies.
Master Blaster add
Short film by Kabuki Sawako with music by Sugahara Shinsuke.
Haifuri add
With Japan having developed as a maritime nation, it became necessary to have specialized schools to teach skills essential to protecting the sea. The setting is one such all-girls school. The girls w... read more.
Pan de Peace! add
The "cute and soft bread four-panel manga" centers around Minami, an air-headed girl who is starting high school and who loves eating bread for breakfast. Baked goods bring happiness everyda... read more.
Mini-Chara Macross add
Macross chibi special included on Macross 20th Anniversary Premium Collection DVD.
Haikyuu!!: vs. Akaten add
In the episode, which takes place after the first season, Hinata and Kageyama fail a test and find that the make-up exam conflicts with their training camp. (Source: ANN)
Hantsu x Trash add
Hamaji Youhei, a high school freshman, lives his life aimlessly, lazing around all day. He can't keep up with his studies, no good at sports and won't stick with anything for long. Besides that he's a... read more.
One Piece Film: Gold add
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Movie: Gyakushuu no Milky Holmes add
The four members of Milky Holmes are going on a study tour. While soaking in the hot springs among snow monkeys, alarms interrupt the relaxing environment! It was the work of the Thief Empire. A fierc... read more.
Aikatsu! Movie 2 add
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono Page add
Bundled with the limited edition 15th volume of the manga. Chapters adapted 1. Volume 10, Chapter 41: Shirayuki to Zen, Hajimete no Joukamachi Date (白雪とゼン、はじめての城下町デ... read more.
Bungou Stray Dogs add
Nakajima Atsushi was kicked out of his orphanage, and now he has no place to go and no food. While he is standing by a river, on the brink of starvation, he rescues a man whimsically attempting suicid... read more.
Wake up!! Tamala add
In 2050, the world's climate has changed for the worse. One rainy day, Tamala saves a honeybee named Kuronosuke from drowning in a gutter. As the last bee of the cat world, he invites Tamala on a magi... read more.
Stop motion shorts that feature dolls in a surreal world for girls.
Grendizer Giga add
PV for Grendizer Giga manga.
Pichiko Dakyuubu USA-hen add
Pichiko Dakyuubu add
Code:Realize - Sousei no Himegimi add
Cardia has a deadly poison residing in her body, and as a result, gets called a monster by others. One night, she meets a mysterious man calling himself Arséne Lupin, who leads her to Industria... read more.
Gundam: G no Reconguista - From the Past to the Future add
Norn9: Norn+Nonet add
The story takes place a little in the future. Guided by one particular song, young elementary school student Suzuhara Sorata, from the Heisei Era, is warped through a time skip to an unfamiliar place ... read more.
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