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Sakamoto desu ga? add
First year high school student Sakamoto isn't just cool, he's the coolest! Almost immediately after starting school, he began attracting everyone's attention. The girls love him, and most of the more.
TV 04-08-16
Monkey King: Hero Is Back add
Legend tells of the all-powerful Monkey King, who was unmatched in combat, and walked freely through Heaven, Earth, and Hell. After breaking some of the most important rules set by the Gods, he is more.
Movie 07-10-15
Love Live! Sunshine!! add
Uranohoshi Girls' High School, a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu city, Shizuoka prefecture. A small high school in a corner of Suruga Bay, it is home to nine teens, more.
TV 07-02-16
Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bouken Land add
Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bouken Land is an interactive anime video based on the game Super Mario World. It is designed for use with Bandai's Terebikko system, which utilizes a more.
OVA ??-??-91
Shoujo kara Shoujo e... add
Based on the erotic manga by Shiomaneki.
OVA 02-12-16
Girls und Panzer: Nihon Senshadou Renmei News add
Specials included in the Blu-ray/DVD vol. 6.
Special 06-21-13
Kemeko Deluxe!: Izumi-chan, Fukenkou yo! (Kari) add
Short special bundled with Blu-ray/DVD volume 1.
Special 12-26-08
BlazBlue: Alter Memory Specials add
Specials included on BlazBlue: Alter Memory Blu-ray/DVD volumes.
Special 12-25-13
Days (TV) add
The series is about two boys named Tsukushi and Jin. Tsukushi is a boy with no special talent or traits while Jin is considered a soccer genius. On one stormy night, Jin meets Tsukushi, and they get more.
TV 07-??-16
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows add
For the longest time, it's just been the two of them. "Kanojo" and her cat Daru are inseparable, having grown up together. Now a junior in college, Tomoka—her roommate of a year and a half—moves out more.
TV 03-04-16
Prison School OVA add
The OVA featured the previously unanimated "Mad Wax" arc from the manga. Bundled with a limited edition of the manga's 20th volume.
OVA 03-04-16
A Size Classmate add
Based on the adult manga by Kou Okada.
OVA 02-05-16
Cheer Danshi!! add
The story revolves around the "slightly odd and cute" members of a cheerleading squad at a men's university. (Source: ANN)
TV 07-??-16
Love Live! Kouhaku Special Anime add
A special anime shown at the 66th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, prior to μ's' performance of the 2nd Season opening theme song, "Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki".
Special 12-31-15
Minami no Kuni kara Kita Tegami add
A music video for the song "Minami no Kuni kara Kita Tegami" by Akane Oda. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 12-??-92
Kabocha no Oji-san add
A music video for the song "Kabocha no Oji-san" by Tetsuo Miyoshi. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 04-??-87
Okoru yo! add
A music video for the song "Okoru yo!" by Tetsuo Miyoshi. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 04-??-83
Nirvana add
Music video bundled with the limited edition of the Noragami Aragoto ED single. (Source: AniDB)
Music 11-25-15
Mitsuami no Kamisama add
The earth shook. The sea roared. A far greater disaster followed. And then... There is a small house solitary standing by the seaside. A pigtail-braided girl is living there alone since that day. more.
Movie 10-24-15
Gekidol add
- ??-??-16
Usakame add
Spin-off of Teekyuu.
TV 04-12-16
Kirin Ashita no Calendar add
TV 01-01-80
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart add
Nora Handa is a boy who lives with Shachi Yuuri, who was adopted by his mother. With everyone supporting, the two of them grew up healthily even after their parents passed away. Shachi, who likes more.
TV -
Official music video for IDOLiSH7's MONSTER GENERATiON album.
Music 07-23-15
Mayoiga add
A shady bus tour of young men and women is headed to an elusive village called Nanakimura. A destination where people can partake in a utopian existence, free of the world's obstacles... or so goes more.
TV 04-01-16
Kodanuki Ponpo add
A music video for the song "Kodanuki Ponpo" by Atomu Shimojou. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 12-??-83
Pretty x Cation The Animation add
Spring has come to Tokyo once again, except this year you're now living alone after your parents had to leave due to work. You're renting a room at an apartment run by your aunt, who bluntly asks you, more.
OVA 03-25-16
Doukyuusei add
A music video for the song "Doukyuusei" by Hiroko Moriguchi. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 12-??-85
Aikodesho add
A music video for the song "Aikodesho" by Yuuki Kudou. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 08-??-88
Ken-chan add
A music video for the song "Ken-chan" by Yuuki Kudou. Aired as part of NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 08-??-85
Chibinacs 3 add
The 3rd and final season of Chibinacs.
TV 06-03-08
Chibinacs 2.0 add
The second season of Chibinacs with a brand new protagonist.
TV 04-14-07
Chibinacs add
TEAM NACS (also known as Team Canucks) are a surreal comedy troupe from Hokkaido who star in this short series. (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)
TV 04-13-06
Garo: Honoo no Kouin - Home add
Unaired episode included in the eighth Blu-ray and DVD volume. Ema visits Tina's house after a long time. While singing and spinning yarn, Tina and the children spend a peaceful time together. She more.
Special 09-16-15
Kigyou Senshi Arslan add
Short Anime of Arslan Senki (TV) characters working in an office environment.
ONA 12-25-15
Dimension W: W no Tobira Online add
Short specials included in the Blu-ray releases of Dimension W.
Special 03-25-16
Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst Specials add
Specials included on the Blu-ray/DVD volumes. Super deformed versions of Mio and Maria narrate Basara's various erotic encounters.
Special 12-25-15
Kinyoru, Abe Reiji: Heikinteki na Salaryman no Ijou na Nichijou (ONA) add
Kinyoru, Abe Reiji web exclusive episodes that were made to promote the Nissan Serena automobile.
ONA 07-05-15
Clockwork Planet add
"The Clockwork Planet" One day, a black box suddenly crashed into the house of the high school dropout Naoto Miura. Inside it was a female automaton. The endless cycle of failure and success. The more.
TV -
Marshmallow★Imouto★Succubus★ add
Based on the erotic game by Dwarfsoft.
OVA 03-18-16
Mim Mam Mint add
Two girls, based on the real-life models Mim and Mam, received a strange creature that is 70% rabbit and 30% bear.
TV 12-24-15
KochinPa! add
Anime adaptation of pachinko and slot machine parlor Island's "Aira Project" commercials. It follows three mascot characters: Aira, Hana, and Shima.
TV 12-22-15
Sagaken wo Meguru Animation add
Movie 03-12-16
Undouki Kenshin Manual Taiou Taisou add
A short video illustrating different stretching postures and movements for skeletal-muscular screening purposes.
Special 12-20-15
Project HAL add
Students in the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya branches of HAL College of Technology and Design under supervision and sponsorship by professional mecha designer Takayuki Yanase along with other industry more.
ONA 05-31-15
The New A-Class.: Next Stage with YOU add
Mercedes-Benz's newest commercial for the A-Class car line featuring the girl group Perfume as CGI songstresses.
ONA 11-25-15
Osomatsu-san Short Film Series add
Shorts included in the Osomatsu-san BD & DVD releases.
Special 01-29-16
Wake Up, Girls! no Miyagi PR Yarasete Kudasai! add
Special 02-11-16
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA add
Bundled with the ninth volume of the light novel.
OVA 06-24-16
Berserk (2016) add
Guts, known as the Black Swordsman, seeks sanctuary from the demonic forces that pursue him and his woman, and also vengeance against the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice. Aided only by more.
TV 07-01-16
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