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Uchuujin Pipi add
An alien from another world lands on Earth and befriends a human boy. Pipi tends to help his human friends by giving them sound advice and sometimes using his advanced technology when needed. This is ... read more.
Uchuujin Tanaka Tarou add
Takashi Horimachi is an ordinary curious fifth grader attending "Anytown" Elementary School. One day, a very unusual transfer student named Taro Tanaka joins Takashi's class. Takashi an... read more.
Uchuusen Sagittarius add
Working for a multi-purpose space agency, Toppy and Rana make friends with Giraffe, a scientist, and go through various adventures in space. The three encounter danger at times, but their friendship a... read more.
Uchuusen Sagittarius Pilot add
The pilot episode made for Uchuusen Sagittarius. Features the original comic book art and no voice acting. (Source: Wikipedia)
Udauda Yatteru Hima wa Nee! add
Anime adaptation of the manga "Udauda Yatteru Hima wa Nee!" by Hideyuki Yonehara, serialized in Weekly Shounen Champion.
UFO Gakuen no Himitsu add
Ray, Anna, Tyler, Halle, and Eisuke are five high school students who are suddenly wrapped up in a mysterious incident. An alien species called Grey abducts Halle's sister and embeds her with a spe... read more.
UFO Nitsukamatta Kodomo-tachi add
Educational video that teaches kids about the value of money and the consequences of overconsumption. *Part of the series of films produced with cooperation of: Japan's Central Council for Financial ... read more.
UFO Princess Valkyrie add
UFO Princess Warukyure, aka UFO Princess Walkyrie is about a princess from outer space who accidentally crashes on earth, where Kazuto desperately tries to maintain the public bath of his grandfather.... read more.
UFO Princess Valkyrie 2: Juunigatsu no Yasoukyoku add
Valkyrie, Kazuto, Akina, Hydra, and friends are back for more when the Key of time suddenly appears along with many other mysterious happenings. All seemed to be linked to a person named "Valkyri... read more.
UFO Princess Valkyrie 3: Seiresetsu no Hanayome add
The third season doesn`t have a particular story behind everything (like "Valkyrie Ghost" in the second season). It just tells 6 stories about the life of Kazuto & Co. with some addition... read more.
UFO Princess Valkyrie 4: Toki to Yume to Ginga no Utage add
The strange and magical events of the last season have left Kazuto with two Valkyries. He now finds himself living with and looking after both a teenaged-princess Valkyrie, as well as the child-prince... read more.
UFO Princess Valkyrie: Recap add
A 45-minute recap episode of the first season, narrated by Sanada-san.
UFO Princess Valkyrie: Special add
The queen of planet Valhalla arrives on Earth with a virtual-world-program, called "bride training boot camp". They built several pairs which have to take a random card with a special situat... read more.
UFO Robo Grendizer add
Duke Fleed is a survivor of the Fleed Planet who is escaped to the Earth, onboard a mysterious "spaceship", where is raised by Dr. Umon as his adoptive son, and known as Daisuke Umon. Years ... read more.
UFO Robo Grendizer tai Great Mazinger add
Alien invaders take over Great Mazinger who is at the entrance of a museum next to Mazinger Z as symbols of peace. Grendizer fights the evil invaders and Great Mazinger is recovered. When the Vega... read more.
UFO Robo Grendizer: Akai Yuuhi no Taiketsu add
This is a regular episode of UFO Grendizer that was shown as a short movie in theaters.
UFO Senshi Dai Apolon add
The story is about 16 years old boy Takeshi who recently formed an American football team at the BlueSky orphanage. One day the game is interuppted by a light in the sky. Takeshi discovers he is the s... read more.
UFO Senshi Dai Apolon 2 add
Second season of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon.
UG☆Ultimate Girls add
During a monster attack on the city, which is something that happens quite often, Silk and her two friends try get close to the attacking monster for a better view. An unfortunate choice of location t... read more.
Ugokie Kori no Tatehiki add
Movie from 1933. Fox spirit turns into a samurai and picks on a racoon spirit. The racoon spirit gets his father and they team up againist the fox spirit.
Uhou Renka add
Ryouhei is suddenly summoned back to his hometown in the countryside. There, he meets Karen the mascot-girl of a lodging house. As he stands entranced by the sight of her bewitching proportions, Nagis... read more.
Uju Heukgisa add
Uju Jeonsa Hong Gildong add
A movie adaptation of Heo Gyun's novel, The Tale Of Hong Gildong, taking the character into science-fiction setting.
Ujusonyeon Kaesi add
A Korean 1979 animated film about an android boy and his struggle against the forces of evil.
Ukare Violin add
A boy and a girl work on a farm. The boy takes a break to play the violin which the girl and farm animals love to hear. The farm owner was mean and smashed the boy's violin. In his sad state he encoun... read more.
Ukkari Pénélope add
Meet Penelope, the absent-minded young koala. Rarely seen without Deudeu – her favourite stuffed rabbit – Penelope likes nothing more than finding another adventure in the most unlikely of... read more.
Ukkari Pénélope (2009) add
Ukkari Penelope is about a young koala's daily adventures. The narrator is Mamiko Noto!
Ukkari Pénélope OVA add
A Christmas OVA based on the European Pénélope picture books from Georg Hallensleben and Ann Gutman about the adventures of a blue koala.
Uli Chingu Kkachi add
A korean movie from 1996.
Uli Sai Jjang-Iya add
Korean movie from 2004.
Ultra B add
One night, Michio chases a UFO to see where it lands. He is taken inside it and encounters a mysterious baby, Ultra B. Soon reveals that he has superpowers when he moves in with Michio's family. (S... read more.
Ultra B: Black Hole kara no Dokusaisha BB!! add
No synopsis has been added for this series yet. Click here to update this information.
Ultra Maniac add
Hideo Middle School eighth-grader Ayu Tateishi, as a member of the tennis club, is of course a cool girl who is popular among the girls in the school. Actually, she's an ordinary girl pretending to be... read more.
Ultra Maniac OVA add
Ayu is one of the coolest students at her school. She is smart, studious, sporty and has just the right amount of untouchable quality to make her a friend of everybody. Her male counterpart is Kaji-ku... read more.
Ultra Nyan 2: The Great Happy Operation add
Ultra-Nyan's adventures continue. This time, he is tasked with finding the cause of the crows' sudden declaration of war upon the cats.
Ultra Nyan: Hoshizora kara Maiorita Fushigi Neko add
Haruka finds a cat in an abandoned building and names it "Nyan". Little does she know that this cat is actually "Ultra-Nyan" who has come from outer space. Using his mysterious powers, Ultra-Nyan he... read more.
Ultraman Graffiti add
Super deformed Ultraman shorts
Ultraman Kids no Kotowaza Monogatari add
Educational anime based on the popular Ultraman giant fighters.
Ultraman Kids: Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Kounen add
Ultraman Kids go on a journey to search for the parents of a main character.
Ultraman Kids: M7.8 Sei no Yukai na Nakama add
No synopsis has been added for this series yet. Click here to update this information.
Ultraman M78 Gekijou: Love and Peace add
A series of short segments featuring all of the Ultramen and their kaiju opponents, depicted in SD style, living together in harmony and enjoying everyday life. Various activities include domino conte... read more.
Ultraman USA add
The lives of three stunt pilots (Scott, Chuck, and Beth) are changed when they gain the ability to transform into three new Ultra-beings, and form the Ultra Force, to battle four giant Sorkin Monsters... read more.
Ultraman: Chou Toushi Gekiden - Suisei Senjin Tsuifon Toujou add
From the north of the galaxy a dreadful menace, Comet Warrior God Tsuifon, is fast approaching the Earth destroying everything in its path. There awaits it Fighter Ultraman, the legendary defender of ... read more.
Ultraviolet: Code 044 add
044 becomes the strongest female soldier excelling in combat through gene manipulation using a virus. However, in exchange for her abilities, her days become numbered. The next mission of the governme... read more.
Ulysses 31 Pilot add
Unaired pilot episode for the TV series.
Umacha add
Animated videos, advertising ice tea manufactured by the Asahi Beverage Company.
Umeboshi Denka add
The goofy tales of a king and his family who make their way to Earth after their planet explodes. (Source: AniDB)
Umeboshi Denka: Uchuu no Hate kara Panparopan! add
No synopsis has been added for this series yet. Click here to update this information.
Umezu Kazuo no Noroi add
"Do not toy with the supernatural." Two stories of the consequences that descend upon humans who venture beyond the safe confines of their ordinary worlds. When a gorgeous girl named Rima transfer... read more.
Umi Da! Funade Da! Nikoniko, Pun add
Animation movie by Hirata Toshio.
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