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Written by sizest300 26 minutes ago
As an anime coming out of the 70s, about tennis, and by Madhouse, I had certain expectations and let downs. First off, this screams 1973 perfectly from the clothes the characters wear, the sound/music, all the way to blood flowers. You'll know what I mean when you watch it. There is so read more
Written by Tsunderechick 38 minutes ago
Kaichou wa maid sama is a story featuring a young teenage girl misa chan who attends seika high school formally known as a all boys school turned co ed only recently. with misa's family financial situation thanks to her long lost father she must attend this school because of the read more
Written by PeterJWei1993 3 hours ago
This anime is one of the most brutally realistic anime that I have ever seen. It doesn't try to mask or hide the realities of life that strike people everyday, nor does it shy away from the beautiful moments that make life worth living. While some may see Shigatsu wa read more
Written by Blood_Diver_A 3 hours ago
(Paraphrased from the Seinfeld episode: “The Pitch”) Glassilp Production Committee: Lead Producer [excited]: Okay, everyone. We need to come up with a new plot and a new set of characters. Anybody got an idea. Person A [raising his hand]: Well, you see I thought that maybe, we can have a girl… Person B [interrupting]: read more
Written by yui777 4 hours ago
I decided to make a review on this to say that this anime was entertaining to watch at least 8 times over in a row because I first saw this as a gif on ifunny and remembered about it. This is an anime to watch if you just want to finish read more

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