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Written by jim1914 1 hour ago
Cross ange...I started this anime when it was ongoing. That was a big mistake because every single episode was outstanding and always i wanted to see the next one. If i could watch the whole series in a day i would definitely do it. This anime is the absolute ecchi,mecha, read more
Written by BlackShipSailor 3 hours ago
Comedy is notoriously difficult to translate outside of its time period or place or origin, largely because it relies on the tastes of its target audience and typically assumes that they have a certain level of cultural knowledge. Shakespeare's comedies, for example, can be rather difficult even for native English read more
Written by nitsua4438 4 hours ago
I'm a psychology and neurobiology major who is a huge otaku. While I really wasn't looking for a dramatic anime like Golden Time, I decided "What the heck, why not?" The story-line is nice, it has good comedy and doesn't try too hard to make it work. The drama read more
Written by connielas 4 hours ago
Suffice to say, I cannot explain Hunter X Hunter (2011) in just a few words. I’m a little late on the hype because I waited for the remake to finish before I could watch it as a whole; but anyway, right now, I’m on the verge of extracting my feelings read more
Written by thefreeloader 4 hours ago
Nodame Cantabile IV : The Ballad of the Spoiled brats is a sad show.Sad in a way that it didn't live up to its three preceding seasons of which obviously outclass this show in so many corners.Not that I didn't expect that because,as you can see, this show is actually read more

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Both Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin have their main protagonists have tragic back stories. They h... read more

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both are violent and bloody. enough said.

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Anime rec'd by Duo02 6 hours ago report
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Both are set in feudal Japan with mythical god creatures/demons.

Anime rec'd by biopower 11 hours ago report