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Written by Crashmatt 52 minutes ago
Btooom has been on my watch list for some time and finally got round to watching it. Its a story of a guy Ryouta who’s a bit of a looser in real life but excellent at the game Btooom. One day he wakes up and finds that he’s been read more
Written by Shioxus 1 hour ago
Cowboy Bebop is a revolutionary anime from the brilliant mind of Shinichiro Watanabe that changed how westerners of a generation viewed anime, and still continues to affect the industry to this day. And this is a dog. As this is the first picture drama I have ever seen, I can't say read more
Written by Monstrum 1 hour ago
This is the first series I watched from the Monogatari Series, and right now, this is the only series I ever watch from the others. Bakemonogatari is surely, a 'boring' anime. This 'boring' is not ruining the enjoyment, but it is surely an eye strain to read all the subtitles (If read more
Written by KairuSilvermaine 2 hours ago
One anime that has been a hype for the Winter Season has been Kantai Collection, usually shortened to KanColle. The anime is based on a game of the same name which involves using battleships that are given the female gender targeting the "moe" aspect of anime in my opinion. read more
Written by DanteMustDie8907 2 hours ago
Hitsugi no Chaika - Avenging Battle - 7/10 Before we start, let me warn you, Hitsugi no Chaika was my first ever anime, so keep it in mind while reading this review. Short Review: Art is ok, budget is kinda low but at least it's watchable so, it lacks CGI or cinematic effects read more

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Anime rec'd by Karshi 2 hours ago report
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Anime rec'd by PyraXadon 2 hours ago report
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Anime rec'd by YuuichiTee 3 hours ago report
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Anime rec'd by noirgrimoir 4 hours ago report
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