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Written by DoctorAnimez 28 minutes ago
This review encompasses Shiki & its 2 OVA episodes & was watched in dub format. Story: If you had to choose between killing someone or starving to death, what would you choose? Would you feel guilty, worry if you will be punished for "sinning", or simply do what you must to read more
Written by EpicBlargman 29 minutes ago
Probably one of the greatest Anime's ever made in my personal opinion. It is a timeless classic that really stands out. This was the second anime I ever watched back in the day thanks to Toonami. Here is my thoughts and opinions on Yu Yu Hakusho. Story/Plot: Yu Yu Hakusho’s read more
Written by RazorRamona200 36 minutes ago
Bueno let's ROCK! Ok, so the 12 episode of this musical anime has ended, so without further adieu, I hereby present my ratings for each of this anime's category: Poor 3. Boooooo. Story- Basically, it has a very shallow plot, now , I don't know if the plot can be compare to read more
Written by Kandem 1 hour ago
I'm somehow deceived. When we learned the third season was cancelled and replaced by a movie, I was worried, but I thought (I hoped) the movie would be long and explaining the whole ending. But they didn't even do it this way. Though I didn't read the manga yet, I've watched all read more

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If you loved Thermae Romae then you will most likely love Nobunaga Concerto.
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Anime rec'd by XzaR 3 minutes ago report
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These two series are full of on-the-edge-of-your-seat psychological suspense. I honestly wish that Z... read more

Anime rec'd by m-i-c-h-a-e-l 14 minutes ago report
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I immediately thought of Naisho no Tsubomi when i watched 12-sai.
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Anime rec'd by nanoko96 1 hour ago report
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Sankarea and Highschool of the Dead are both zombie fanservice. Enough said.

Anime rec'd by LoidNerdy101 1 hour ago report
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the two spend an apocalyptic future

Anime rec'd by eduotaku 2 hours ago report
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