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Written by DuelRocker 40 minutes ago
Well, this will be my first ever review so here it goes. Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters is a commonly known anime from many, mostly for its dubbed works and its airing on Saturday. So I have decided to give both the subtitles/Japanese and dub a try. Overall the story is alright, you have the read more
Written by ImTheRhetorician 2 hours ago
Okay, lets try this again since my last review didn't go so well :p I finished Shiki just recently and i was very pleased with it especially in the beginning. The exposition was suspenseful and exciting. I noticed some people didn't like the slow start, i guess it's preference because i read more
Written by phs_togusa 2 hours ago
You know... I'm getting sick of people telling me to watch shows that are supposedly violent and gory, only to get 10-15 minutes' worth of nothing happening followed by 3-5 minutes' worth of actual blood, and even then... it's just blood. No severed limbs, no entrails spewing forth after an read more
Written by KynoBlight 2 hours ago
"People would only wants the old me not the present me" - Tada Banri Golden Time is something that tingles in my mind for a few days after i watched it. Back in the November, i was already put Golden Time in my plan to watch, since so many sites recommend read more

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