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Written by joseluisx221 34 minutes ago
En si todo lo que es esta serie, es una serie donde te llega y te atrapa con su musica e historia. La trama es realista en el sentido de que, como seria el mundo en una guerra donde el planeta esta siendo dominado y es inferior al enemigo, read more
Written by keragamming 37 minutes ago
Cross Ange was a series I never thought I would like. I tend to not like series with a cast full of mostly male or female characters. I also have a pre thought it would be something like ikki tousen. But This one was a exception. And I'll explain read more
Written by Link_of_Hyrule 41 minutes ago
**SPOILER FREE REVIEW** If you were one of the people who dropped Garo back in 2014 because the plot seemed a little too aimless, this is a PSA: Y’done goofed. What started off as a slightly clumsy and generally directionless action romp with only a mature tone to differentiate it eventually read more
Written by RagingBoar 56 minutes ago
By far the best Pokemon movie, it's a great start to the movie saga. Mewtwo is an amazing antagonist, the characters are new and fresh at this point in the series. The story is facinating, this is definitely a must watch/re-watch for any new fan and long time read more
Written by Andhrimnir 1 hour ago
Utsu Musume Sayuri could be said to be an epitome of a man's weird imagination. Story: 1 There's little to no story. It's unorthodox and claims absolutely no sense. The audacity to even introduce the characters blew me away. Characters, art and animation: 1 Now, this is the worst of all. "Grotesque" read more

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