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Written by Reimei-Chan 28 minutes ago
This is a really fun and innocent slice of life show. I really enjoyed watching it. I don't normally like slice of life shows, but this is just a really fun show. Story: 7/10: I kind of like the story for this anime. It's a nice and original premise read more
Written by CritAttenborough 2 hours ago
WELCOME TO THE NHK REVIEW: MINDSET: Wait, GONZO is making an Anime not about horrible CGI and fan service? SYNOPSIS: NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) is a type of social outcast who always stays inside of the house, and as he/she refuses to leave to the outside world due to major psychological read more
Written by limith 3 hours ago
Coming from Time of Eve, I looked forward to this movie considerably. I think that perhaps my higher expectations for the show ruined my enjoyment of it ultimately. Don't get me wrong, the movie was very good. The art, atmosphere, and everything is on par with the classics. What left me hanging read more
Written by franky3121 3 hours ago
Shakugan No Shana III (BEWARE SPOILERS) Is probably the worst out of the three, the story is bloody confusing. The main cast returns for their final fight. Sakai Yuji is now the commander of the Bel Pero, and his goal his to create a world for the tomogara so people can not read more

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Similarities: Both contain neat sword-play and similar rap/autotune-like music. Both focus on a well... read more

Anime rec'd by Thetwinmeister Yesterday, 6:13 PM report
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-Both are reverse harems
-Both have memorable characters
-Both are hilarious<... read more

Anime rec'd by Reimei-Chan Yesterday, 6:05 PM report
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Both have bad ass man characters who have the same ideal's but are both different on how they accomp... read more

Anime rec'd by Michael_Elric Yesterday, 3:59 PM report
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It has the same idea of being trapped in a mmorpg but is way different in many ways and is totally w... read more

Anime rec'd by Michael_Elric Yesterday, 3:58 PM report
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They are both slow-paced restaurant-themed animes with great stories.

Anime rec'd by Ankhespaten Yesterday, 3:38 PM report
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