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Written by xFoXz 12 minutes ago
Shirobako is an anime about making anime, It is also a story about five girls working in that industry and their trials and hardships. There's also a colorful and big supporting cast each with there own quirks and personalities, each having a role within the Anime studio our main character read more
Written by Owlythesova 13 minutes ago
I may me a bit slow on writing reviews, but this show has actually got the best out of me, so I wanted and wanted NOT to write this at the same time. But please forgive me for rumbling. First thing I have to mention is it's NOT the comedy/slice of read more
Written by RGU 16 minutes ago
When my friends first started mentioning manga and anime I just ignored it mainly to irritate them. Recently my friend recommended Sword Art Online so I watched my first anime and enjoyed it. At our school library we had a manga section and I picked up Death Note and secretly found read more
Written by Cpt_Marcelianto 22 minutes ago
This. Is. An amazing film. Go watch it, it's uplifting, sad, beautiful, all at once. The characters are great, relatable, and moving. The only reason I'm not giving it a 9.9 out of 10 is because MAL won't let me.
Written by Elisa965 24 minutes ago
When I first started watching this, I dropped it after 20 or so episodes? However 3 days ago (or was it 4?? Well Eitherway I marathoned it lol) I decided to pick it back up again and give it another chance. The art work is decent and watchable, very good read more

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