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Written by Beomsik 1 hour ago
"The world is not beautiful: And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty." - Kino "A whale's sigh... The dreaming shooting star... It felt like that's what they were singing. While everything out there is changing, the sound of these insects chirping echos up to the sky. That's what read more
Written by TensaiSakuragi 2 hours ago
The greatest comedy anime I have ever watched. Full of gags, randomness, and weird scenes all the time. I won't say much, but here is my review. First of all the anime is funny even when the narrator speaks. Even the first screen that appears in each episode is priceless. the fun read more
Written by CritAttenborough 3 hours ago
DARKER THAN (EVERYTHING) BLACK REVIEW: MINDSET: Bones can't really make a plot that actually makes sense at the end of it all, so just watch this for the action. Because You'd understand this review better than understanding where babies come from. SYNOPSIS: Where in this near future world like its 2020 or something, two read more
Written by bouyaCROWZ 4 hours ago
my opinion so don't hate just your avrage harmen show. Mc moves in an cheap apartment, a ghost lives there and wants him out. but then other random characters (a loli, a mature girl with big boobs, and a magic girl) who also want th room so now they try to win the room. and read more

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