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Written by Unthinkable92 1 hour ago
This was a great anime personally, ill get straight to the point 8/10 from me. Story: Now about the story there is none .... You might be thinking well if there is no story how did they manage to put this together, the answer is they made it like there are read more
Written by shangrila117 1 hour ago
Sword Art Online sucks. I could stop here and that'd be all you needed to know, but I won't. I'll explain why this thing is terrible and in no way deserves the hype/scores/praise/fanboyism it gets. Sword Art Online tells the story of Kirito, a gamer that gets stuck in a virtual read more
Written by mirana99 2 hours ago
Like I don't even know where to begin, I guess i'll start from my reaction to my initial thoughts ( Reverse Order). So after i finished watching episode 50 i spent hours trying to think about the ending of the anime it was something I had never done before, I read more
Written by Jarrbearr 2 hours ago
The idea of agriculture is being shown more lately, such as Gin No Saji, or Moyashimon, but this is one that definitely makes a name for itself. The characters are all great and all have personalities that fit the feel of the anime perfectly and does a good job giving read more

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